The End of Week 1 Report

Never fear!  I have been working on the scarf, but what with the knitting, and holiday prep, and the playing of the Skyrim I haven’t had time to take photos of my progress, or make a post. 

My goal for my first week (or any week, really,) of knitting was fourteen rows.  According to my calculations, knitting two rows a day, every day, would allow me to complete the scarf in a year and a half.  I thought that was a perfectly reasonable goal. 

Instead, I knitted FORTY EIGHT rows!  It seems I had forgotten just how quickly knitting goes once I get into the groove. 

At this rate, it will take me approximately 21 weeks, or just over five months to complete the scarf. 

We’ll see if I can keep this speed up. 

I’ll be stopping by the yarn store tomorrow to pick up the next three colors, and exchange the incorrect color I purchased last time. 

I do plan on posting on time next week, but I may not manage that due to the holidays. 

Until next time!




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